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Planning + Development

Whether you are a client for whom a house is built, an architect, or an interior designer – we will be happy to realize the ideas you present to us.


In our studio, we plan and develop interiors. We coordinate the realization of projects according to the wishes of our customers. Of course, our customers can also always turn to our office for ideas, suggestions, and stimuli.

We will stand at your side, ready to give you support and advice. The materials and techniques that we use offer exciting creative possibilities. They require an openness to diversity and novelty as much as they inspire innovation and new ideas. Thus, we can contribute essentially to the realization of innovative plans.

For many years we have worked closely with teams of architects, and thus further deepened our knowledge in the areas of artwork and planning. Our practical knowledge and our skills have become manifest in many projects that were sucessfully realized.


We do not only work with materials, we also develop them: at material raum form, we create innovative, novel products. Minerally bound materials have evolved over thousands of years. Within that history of craftsmanship, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. The craft continues to be further developed, based on empirical techniques. We view ourselves as part of that tradition, and thus will keep on experimenting with the materials we use in order to find new properties and potential uses.

Modern technologies open up new possibilities of creatively working with these seemingly well-known materials. We rediscover them for new contexts, forms, and uses.


We also develop and manufacture prototypes and one-offs for purposes of demonstration. In that area, we do not only experiment with our new materials. We also build dummies in order to demonstrate new uses of materials as well as the development of new products.

Moulds and Tools

We develop and construct the moulds used for casting elements of different shapes and sizes. We also develop and make the special tools (for example, milling machines) needed for expertly finishing our products. Depending on the quantity of any line, we build moulds for short-term or long-term time frames.

We have already successfully put into practice our know-how regarding the properties of minerally bound materials. We will continue to expand our knowledge, and to use it in the sophisticated construction of our moulds and tools.

At material raum form, we are not just expert craftsmen. When planning and realizing your projects, we also employ our know-how of industrial design, and we closely co-operate with model builders and toolmakers.


Our ideas are inspired by the materials we use. If all the different materials and their almost boundless variability did not exist, they would not cast their spell over us – and you would not read about us here.

A Symphony of Materials

There are many craftspeople who basically work with one material only, even though they always will cultivate contacts with colleagues from other workshops. Each material has its very own sensitivity, smell, sound, and surface structure. All these qualities fill us with the desire to touch our materials again and again.

Over time, our love to the materials we use became a calling – we wanted to be always close to them. We share the affection that carpenters, precision engineers, and stonemasons feel for the materials they work with. With closed eyes, we sense the atmosphere in their studios, metal-processing workshops, and building workers’ huts. No one lives in a world where any of these materials is missing. We need all of them around us in order to feel happy.

We are not indifferent about the materials we use for our objects. A mere look at their outward appearance does not satisfy us. We put them under the microscope, and go at them with very sharp tools. As soon as we see how a material can be worked both manually and with the help of machines, we reach a synthesis, and the creative process begins.

In order to creatively rearrange your working or living environment, you have to be thoroughly familiar with it. This is where material raum form offers you help and advice – and we also invite you to share our enthusiasm.


In the last couple of years, material raum form has been awarded several design prizes for the development of PEARLNERA®, a minerally bound material containing delicate glass globules which become visible on the surface thanks to a special polishing process. PEARLNERA® is manufactured into moulded elements and slabs. PEARLNERA® is very versatile in terms of colouring, and its manufacturing process is emission-free.

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Such as the iF material award for the white Manu sink.


Nomination for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland for the wall-light system Pearlnera® Shine. Nominated by the federal ministry for econonomy and technology in Berlin.

Bronze in the category product of the DDC competition GOOD DESIGN for the material Pearlnera®.

Nomination for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany for the washbasin made of Pearlnera® ferro.

Awarded the MATERIALICA design award for the white washbasin Manu.

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