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High-quality concrete design

Designs for concrete kitchens, concrete bathrooms, concrete fireplaces, concrete stairs and floors, concrete counters and counters

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Thank you for your interest in concrete products from material raum form - the concrete manufacture in Hamburg, Germany. We also deliver to Denmark, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other contries. Feel free to contact us.

High-quality concrete design for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas

Concrete worktops or concrete washbasins, prefabricated terrazzo parts and cast stone stairs are aesthetic, versatile and durable. In addition, concrete is a natural product consisting of stone, water and cement. It can be molded into almost any shape.

Our concrete furniture underlines your design style. For more than twenty years, material raum form has been working with the possible uses in interior and exterior spaces, areas of life and living culture both in the private and in the commercial sector.

Counters made of concrete

Kitchen worktops



material raum form
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Concrete lights

Betonmöbel, Betondesign und Terrazzo­arbeitsplatten

Betonbäder, Betonküchenarbeitsplatten, Betonkamine, Fußböden aus Beton, Betontreppen, Betonleuchten – individuell und handgefertigt

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