Concrete Washbasins

Washbasins out of concrete are very special


The concrete wash basin „Noche“ is dyed with black pigment.


This bathroom was deliberately made in shades of bright and dark colours. The concrete washbasin with the built-in-shelf beneath is generously laid out for use by two people. Whenever there is a change in the incidence of light, the surface of the stone tiles changes its look as well, like a picture puzzle oscillating between transparency, depth, and reflection.


With its convenient storage surface and anti-splash screen, this washing trough is suited for everyday use in all sanitary contexts. The washbasin made of concrete features a convenient storage surface for bathroom utensils or décor, and can be manufactured in various sizes.


The concrete wash basin „Ava“ forms a warm well-balanced whole in colour and form.


This classic, trough-shaped washbasin is cast of exposed concrete. Measuring 240 cm in length, it was made for a children’s bathroom. The wooden shelf spaces and the concrete basin combine into a harmonious whole.

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