Floors and Stairs out of concrete

Stairs and Floors out of concrete are a real improvement

Cantilevered stairs

The console stairs manufactured in accordance with German industry norm (DIN) 1045 are anchored in the wall without any additional supporting structure. Thanks to our sophisticated casting techniques, such stairs are finished very neatly, and look identical on their upper and bottom sides.

Sichtbeton Treppe Hamburger Villa

The staircase of this villa in Hamburg is a fine example of possibilities to use elements of concrete made by material raum form in exterior spaces as well. It consists of exposed concrete, as do the large slabs paving the footpath, which each measure 1.5 x 1 m.

State Vocational School of Gastronomy and Nutrition

At the Staatliche Gewerbeschule Gastronomie und Ernährung (State Vocational School of Gastronomy and Nutrition), both the treads and raisers were adapted to the already existing terrazzo floor. Moreover, the terrazzo floor has been refurbished.


Thanks to concrete-bound materials, it has been possible to create seamless forms and surfaces since ancient times. A terrazzo-like floor fill made of polished lime as early as in 11,000 BC has been found at the site of Göbekli Tepe, which is situated in Turkey and predates the Pre-ceramic Neolithic period A.

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