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Compiled for you by material raum form: tried and tested knowledge about terrazzo, particularly about terrazzo worktops
Why choose a countertop or floor made of terrazzo?
Whether used for a countertop, an object or a floor – terrazzo offers almost unlimited possibilities for creative fashioning when it comes to design, colouring, and the various kinds of stone chips used. If the terrazzo needs to be highly resistant to wear and tear, it is necessary to use hard stone, for example, granite. Terrazzo has excellent qualities in everyday use. It is durable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Therefore, it is valued as a functional stone material, and is used, for example, in hospitals, in food-processing enterprises, and by the pharmaceutical industry.
Where else can terrazzo be used?
Around 1900, terrazzo once again had become a popular material for the floors of kitchens and house entrances. Because terrazzo can be manufactured in the form of slabs of very different sizes, it can be laid like floor tiles. Thus, its uses are manifold: floor coverings, slabs, tiles, windowsills, and other items for all areas of everyday life and work.
What is the difference between terrazzo made with cement and terrazzo made with synthetic resin?
material raum form exclusively produces terrazzo that is bound minerally in the traditional manner. We do NOT use any synthetic substances in the production of our materials. There are products on the market that lay claim to the name terrazzo. Examples of this are Agglo Marmor, containing breccies (stone chips) bound with polyacrylic, or mineral admixtures in combination with acrylic polymeres, like Corian®, produced by DuPont. If our materials are disposed of, they do not pollute the ground water. They just return to the cycle of nature, turning to sand, lime sediments, and – in the case of reinforcements made of steel – iron rust.
Are terrazzo surfaces rough?
No, because after it has hardened, the terrazzo undergoes a diamond-polishing process until its surface shows its typical stone-like shine. If chips of hard stone are used, the process of polishing is more time-consuming. On demand, we also manufacture terrazzo that has a rougher, eroded surface.
Can terrazzo become stained, and what kind of care does its surface need?
In an early stage, stains can easily be removed completely by just wiping them off. You can get rid of persistent stains by using the appropriate commercial cleansing agents. If stone wax or stone soap (for natural stone) is regularly applied, less dirt will collect on the surface, and it will also be it easier to cleanse the terrazzo. In difficult cases, it is also possible to remove stains by repolishing the area affected.
Can terrazzo be used for a countertop to cut on?
If you would like to have a terrazzo countertop in your kitchen, it is important to choose the right stone chips. Limestone and marble are much more delicate than granite and other types of hard stone. At material raum form, we always use chips of hard stone. Knives tend to become blunt very fast if used on that surface. However, we can easily integrate a wooden carving-board element into a kitchen countertop made of terrazzo.
Can terrazzo flake off, fall apart, or break?
All edges are bevelled (i.e., provided with a chamfer). Therefore, terrazzo can safely be used for staircases, just like any commercial natural-stone materials. And as in every natural stone, terrazzo edges can flake off if hit by a hard object, unless they have been expertly bevelled. However, if a piece of terrazzo should crack off, the damage can easily be repaired with natural-stone cement – in a colour, made by material raum form, that perfectly matches the colour of the terrazzo.
Are terrazzo floors a good choice for under-floor heatings?
Yes, they are. Terrazzo floors excellently store and conduct warmth. This makes them the best choice if you want to build in an under-floor heating. The pipes of the heating need to be laid properly in the lower, thicker layer of concrete, above the insulating material. Caution, however: Do not heat the floor too soon, because this may draw water from the terrazzo too quickly. We recommend that you wait for about four weeks after the heating has been laid. Then, little by little, start to heat the floor.
Can I put a hot cooking pot directly on a terrazzo countertop?
material raum form whether the colour you have in mind is available as heat-resistant pigments.
What is the price of material raum form terrazzo as compared to granite?
Given the interest that customers show in our products, it is important to us to offer them market-oriented prices. A good example is the terrazzo with glass “marbles” that we have developed. Due to the great demand, a solution was found that allows a fair comparison of prices, including those for countertops. The prices lie in the middle range.
Can I get a terrazzo countertop or other object in a colour especially designed for me?
All dyes and stone-chip ingredients are individually blended for each piece. We continually expand our range of colours that are immediately available. In addition to those recipes of colours that we have already developed, please ask us for new colours or for an exact matching of already available colours and surface structures. material raum form offers surface patterns in eight colours. You can order a set of samples of these patterns for € 45,00, This amount will be credited to your first order.
Are there standard patterns?
Eight standard patterns are available any time. However, please feel free to talk to us about your own, individual ideas. Unlike exposed concrete, terrazzo allows a huge range of pattern variations, depending on the ingredients used. Thus, we can not have every pattern on stock, but we can create a large variety of patterns on demand.
Can terrazzo be used outside the house?
Because terrazzo, with its unique appearance, is a timeless material, its properties and uses are regularly tested and further developed. Modern technologies make it possible to examine terrazzo in order to find additional useful properties of the material. Density, strength, and durability are the essential features of terrazzo. Due to its high-quality surface, it is excellently suited both for indoor and outdoor use.
How can I include a countertop in my design plans for a room?
We carry various types of countertops. Just pick one of them; you have the choice between different colours, surfaces, widths and lengths. If, in addition, you are toying with the idea of having a room design that looks like a sculpture to live in, material raum form is the right address to help you make your ideas come true. We will build a block around the countertop that may encompass entire kitchen islands or sinks. A wooden island in the area used for cutting, or a sink made of high-grade steel, can become attractive eye catchers within the terrazzo kitchen design as a whole.
How do I deal with the joints between the countertop and the wall?
Shims can be helpful. Just like in fitted pieces made of granite, you use the depth of the shims to level out unevennesses in the wall. Shims of any material can be put directly onto the countertop, and sealed up with clear silicone.
How can I fill up joints between modules of my countertop?
You can fill these up by using stone glue developed for natural stone.
Who will build in the countertop I bought from material raum form?
Any skilled, professional craftsman. Countertops made by material raum form are delivered throughout Germany. Professional skill is needed to build them in, but fitting them is not complicated. Handling terrazzo countertops requires the same consideration and the same amount of work as building in a top made of granite. If you bring us together with the team of craftsmen who will build in the countertop, we will be happy to discuss the installation in detail. In and around Hamburg, we to carry out the installation upon request.
What washbasins and fittings can I use with material raum form countertops?
This depends on the type of countertop you choose. material raum form has equipped countertops with various washbasins/sinks made by Bulthaup, Gaggenau and other suppliers. Just look at the description of the worktop that you would like to buy. The description contains possible brands and type numbers of washbasins/sinks and fittings. The customer decides how many standard drains, fittings, soap dispensers, ventilation slits or water filters will be built in with the countertop.
What is the maximal length I can order?
The maximal length of a single module is 410 cm. If you would like a countertop that is larger, the costs for both manufacture and transportation will increase. If the entire construction is overlength, it will consist of two or three modules, resembling the size of commercial stone slabs. That way, it is easier to handle and install them. The exact position of the joints between the modules then depends on the individual design of each countertop.
Do I have to reinforce the load-bearing pieces of furniture to make sure they can carry the weight of the countertop?
Usually not, because the weight is evenly distributed, and the pressure put on a given part of the furniture is not very high. However, in the case of pieces of furniture that stand isolated, or shelves, some kind of reinforcement may be useful.
How thick are the countertops? Are they heavy?
The thickness of a standard countertop is 40 mm. Like granite, terrazzo has a medium gross density. The minimal thickness of kitchen and bathroom countertops is 30 mm. Borders can be cast separately. These measure between 12 and 20 mm in thickness. It is possible to manufacture thicker tops. Their size is only limited by the weight-bearing capacity of the furniture and the floor. To achieve high stability in thin tops, we provide the material with a reinforcing, supporting steel construction.
Can I determine what inlays the countertop will have?
Of course! Feel free to provide us with the kind of objects you would like to have integrated into your countertop. All inlays for standard countertops – like fossils, interesting stones, and other items found in nature – are hand selected by Mr Maybohm. And our supplies are increasing, since we are collecting more and more natural pieces of decoration whenever we visit the banks of the river Elbe or dig for mineral treasures in gravel pits. Usually, our clients leave it to us to make a choice when it comes to inlays. But of course, your own ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Please let us know which side of the object you want to be visible on the surface. Just send your objects together with your order, and we’ll do the rest.
Why should I choose to work hand in hand with material raum form?
The magical word is “service”. Whatever size, colour, and design you have in mind for your new countertop – we’ll fashion it for you. We discuss every detail with you in order to help you get exactly what you want. We take time to find out what you are looking for, and we will always find ways to realize your ideas. We manufacture samples that help you decide what colour, shape, and texture your worktop will have. In short: we offer you the quality of service you expect. If you want to find out more about material raum form, just give us a call at +49 (0)40-48 57 02 or send an e-mail to info@material-raum-form.com

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