Countertops out of concrete for beautiful kitchen

Enjoy cooking with countertops out of concrete


The surface of this worktop, which has been cast to accommodate a sink and a ceramic hob, is of high-strength exposed concrete. Its bright, varied shades of green provide an appealing optical counterpoint to the lustrous black colour of the built-in elements. The working surfaces lend themselves even to elaborate cooking experiments that require the preparation of many ingredients.


This kitchen countertop measures almost four meters in length, yet it can easily be supported by conventional furniture units. Its grey-green colour was chosen intentionally because it gives the kitchen interior a warm aura.


Mouds are used to lend the concrete its desired shape; the mould is the ’negative‘ of the finished concrete piece. In this kitchen, the grey exposed concrete of the wall with its rough formwork contrasts with the smooth, slightly shining concrete worktop of the counter, the kitchen, as well as with the wooden panels of the drawers, which have a warm shade.


Croncrete worktops made of terrazzo are both robust and easy-care. This makes terrazzo an ideal material for heavy-duty working surfaces. In this worktop, the surface has a cast-in sink and surrounds the flush-mounted ceramic glass hob.

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