Concrete Vanities

Concrete Vanities – a highlight in your bathroom


The smooth grey fair-faced concrete accentuates the beauty of the wood.


The concrete washbasin is characterised by its clear geometry. Both basins of the concrete washbasin can be filled individually with water.


This washstand neatly shows that concrete cannot only be used to create rectangular forms, but also curved ones. It has a large outer and a smaller inner radius. The drawers are made of the wood of Wenge (Milettia laurentii), a dark hardwood tree, and contrast nicely with the bright colour of the basin.


Grande Bidgelet

This piece of furniture, consisting of a washstand top and two flank pieces made of hight-strength concrete, can be easily fitted into many bathrooms. We can manufacture it in various span-lenghts, ranging from small to large.


The washstand top is made of green, minerally bound material.

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