Pearlnera® – Glass in concrete

Pearlnera® enables the impossible

At material raum form, we have developed a novel material, Pearlnera®. Pearlnera® was developed as an addition to our terrazzo-stone program and has very similar qualities. Since Pearlnera® can be manufactured in the form of slabs of very different sizes, it can be used for worktops (for example, countertops for kitchens), but it can also be laid like floor tiles.

Pearlnera® is emission-free, and does not pollute the environment in any way. Both the optical appearance of the material itself and the range of possible colourings open entirely new ways of creating attractive designs for various living spaces.

Pearlnera® has been thoroughly tested for its quality and properties, and developed into a marketable commodity. It is very versatile – one of the most beautiful, expressive materials we have created in the history of material raum form.

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