Concrete fireplaces

Concrete fireplaces and maximum of elegance


The fireplace is framed by a façade of exposed concrete, and its lower part is slightly set back. The clear contours and the anthracite colour, which is reminiscent of some types of natural stone, lend the fireplace a very primordial character – it looks like the entrance to an archaic fire sanctuary.


This classical, open fireplace is located on the centre axis of the room, and thus becomes a real eye-catcher. Its stone façade is unique. Thanks to the elongated, angular recess, the individual stone elements have an air of weightlessness and blend very well with the carpentry work. The facade projects 30 cm.


Around the fireplace there is a large fireplace „foreland“ made of exposed concrete, which can be used as a bench and at the same time has a wooden compartment for storing the firewood.


The chimney block adapts itself in form and color perfectly in the generously cut space. The up to 1. 5 square metre disguising records are 2 cm thick and worked in a brightly grey Terrazzo. The front edges are made with a 45 degrees of cut. The chimney has a whole height of 280 centimeter. His fireplace is surrounded by glass.


This large fireplace is partly enclosed by glass. As a result, the glowing embers are not only shown to particular advantage, but also radiate their warmth on two sides.


The exposed concrete panel of the fireplace serves not only as a practical sehfl, but also as spark protection.

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