Concrete in public space

Beautiful, versatile, robust


material raum form is renowned for its designership. In that process, innovation and precision are the key features of our work. This bistro offered us ample opportunity to become creative in its furnishing. The result is an integral whole with a unique design and atmosphere. Each object is unique, as becomes apparent from the pieces’ functional, accurate design and the almost unlimited possibilities of lending expression to the character of living spaces.

Terrazzo Counter Pelican

Terrazzo is one of the most extensive materials, especially for the colour design, and it is also a friend to the most colourful interiors. It can be manufactured in almost any shape. The resource-conserving and energy-efficient technology, which is used in accordance with strict environmental standards, deserves special mention.

Urban Outfitters – concrete relief

The script ornaments on the multi-part concrete relief plate are a central design element of this shop’s CI. The facing of the elevator shaft is completely covered with smooth concrete panels.

Cantilever steps terrazzo

The cantilever steps for the hotel foyer were made in terrazzo optics. They are cut all around and give the master craftsmanship a unique face.

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